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Ecotourism and Wildlife Forum

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How do you think ecotourism could be connected with wildlife?

  • Are wildlife tourism and ecotourism the same thing?
  • How could wildlife become a focus on ecotourism?
  • How could tourists become more connected with native wildlife and how could they learn about it?
  • How could local communities understand their wildlife better?
  • Can you think of any wildlife ecotourism in your region?
  • What is your opinion on wildlife shooting as a tourism opportunity?

Share your ideas, ask questions, be inspired!!!

2 Responses to “Ecotourism and Wildlife Forum”

  1. Hannah Bellwood Says:

    I believe Australian wildlife plays a big part in the ecotourism of our country. We are blessed to have so many endemic species plus many rare and beautiful organisms calling Australia home. Wildlife need to be looked after, acknowledged and respected, as they are as much a part of the environment as we are.

    As for wildlife shooting as a tourism opportunity… I greatly dislike it. However, I have friends down south who help out culling rogue kangaroos - its so debatable.

  2. Phil-Anthony Says:

    Wildlife shooting as a tourism opportunity? Its not a good idea. Whilst there are feral cats/foxes and the like, what sort of impression does that give foregin visitors? That we enjoy killing animals as a sport?

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