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Ecotourism and Culture Forum

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Should ecotourism focus on culture?

  • Can ecotourism be a way of discovering local culture?
  • How can cultural tourism be ecotourism?
  • Is ecotourism a good way to disclose local cultures and indigenous cultures?
  • How can a tourist be a culturally-sensitive ecotourist?
  • What are the challenges and the issues?

Share your ideas and suggestions, ask questions, be inspired!!!

2 Responses to “Ecotourism and Culture Forum”

  1. Radhika Says:

    Cultural tourism can be ecotourism from the Indian prespective because in parts of India, nature given the status of God. They offer rituals and pray to mother earth. Its then that we can intermingle the culture with environment. It a part of their life and involving them in ecotourism porjects helps them to showcase their ‘enviro-culture.’

    Its best to train the locals in ecotourism projects to keep it close to the roots of the place.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Cultural tourism - great idea! But as long as it doesn’t become a ‘Come and look at our cultures under the glass’. Being able to interact with different cultures in a respectable way is fantastic. I went to Bali a few years ago - and we had to wear the right things and say the right things, but through this, we were able to appreciate Balinese culture. Same as in Italy - wearing the right clothes in the Vatican.

    A tourist can be culturally-sensitive through respect of different cultures.

    A major challenge is being accepted. ie. Some cultures do not wish to be ‘on show.’

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