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Ecotourism and Business Forum

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Is ecotourism a good business?

  • Do you think ecotourism is a good niche to make profit?
  • How can ecotourism compete with mass tourism?
  • Have you got any idea of ecotourism business opportunity?
  • What do you think could be a good way of starting your own ecotourism business?
  • Are you looking for information on how to start your own ecotourism business?
  • How do businesses become eco-certified?

Share your ideas, ask questions, be inspired!!!

One Response to “Ecotourism and Business Forum”

  1. Hannah Says:

    In one word: ‘Yes’.
    But it will most definitely be in competition with mass tourism. I think mass tourism needs to involve more ecotourism and appreciation of the environment.
    I like that saying:
    When you are in a national park, you don’t take anything except photos and memories and you only leave footprints.

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