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The Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum

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What did you think of the Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum??

If you’ve taken part of the Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum held in Townsville on the 31st of October and 1st of November 2006, as part of the 2006 International Ecotourism Conference, here is the opportunity to tell what you thought of it!!

See the Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum brochure (510Kb .pdf)
See webpage on the Forum

Interesting, thrilling, boring, fantastic, room for improvement?? Did you enjoy hearing from people from all around the world on Ecotourism? Did you have any surprises, disappointments, wish? What could be done to improve this sort of event in the future? Would you like another Youth Ecotourism Forum to be held in the future? What did you think of the Ecotourism Conference??

Share your ideas, your thoughts, your critics, your suggestions!!!


You can also add your comments to the Ecotourism Youth Charter that you started to draft during the Forum! Click Here

2 Responses to “The Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum”

  1. Gautier AMOUSSOU Says:

    Dear colleagues,
    According to Benin Ecotourism Concern *Eco-Benin*, this forum is very interesting and should be a panel for us to network and update our knowledge in ecotourism. lobbying and awarness raising activities should also be promoted here.
    Kindest regards

  2. Hannah Says:

    Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Youth Ecotourism Forum last year, due to our school’s musical production. But I heard great things - our school was well represented.
    More publicity to other schools in the future would be great! I’d love to get involved again in the future.

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